Family Services Abuses – Nations V. Wyoming DFS

Despite constitutional guarantees, Americans’ civil rights and liberties are constantly in danger of violation, whether by individuals, corporations or government institutions. Regardless of whether personal prejudices or national security concerns lie at the root of these violations, challenging them – and holding wrongdoers accountable – is imperative for the sake of constitutional integrity and the preservation of The American Way.

Trial lawyers advocate for awareness, the truth, and a person’s right to know. They believe that in the absence of the truth, all of us stand helpless to defend ourselves, our families, our health, and our way of life. Often times, we don’t think about or worry about or understand what is happening to another, until it happens to us. Deceits have no boundaries. Disease doesn’t recognize the color of our skin or our political party’s affiliation. When it comes to cover-ups and false allegations by Agencies of the State and the Federal Government, there is not a soul amongst us who does not have a cringing fear of their overwhelming, awesome power.

It is at these times that we need experienced and dedicated trial lawyers, the warriors in the courtroom who are willing to battle for us “tooth and nail” in the Halls of Justice: To protect our cherished way of life. Such a “Call for Justice” happened on February 10, 1994, when the State of Wyoming’s Department of Family Services revoked Connie and Roland Nations’s Daycare Center License in Riverton, Wyoming. Based on totally false allegations, unsubstantiated by any evidence whatsoever, these actions caused them extensive economic losses, the loss of their business, public censure, and personal embarrassment.

Today, The Insider Exclusive goes “Behind the Headlines” to investigate how Vance Countryman, the Nations’s lawyer, proved that the Wyoming Department of Family Services wrongfully and falsely accused the Nations of this indignant injustice – and how, in addition to a well-deserved, justified financial settlement, the Nations received a public apology from State of Wyoming”

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