Dr Leonard Morse Wins $7.7 Million against former NY ‘Luv Gov’ Eliot Spitzer’s Office

Prosecutors… And Cops…. are Sworn to Protect and Uphold the Law” …… Follow the Rules…. When they don’t…… When they lie, hide and destroy evidence, and basically “don’t follow the rules”.

They ruin the lives and careers of hard-working, law abiding respected people, like Brooklyn Dentist Dr Leonard Morse

Dr Morse’s career was ruined after former state Attorney General and disgraced former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, indicted him for Medicaid Fraud Spitzer, who resigned, as Governor at a later date,

after it was disclosed that he was using NY State campaign funds to live a secret sex-perverted prostitute filled life, as the “Luv Gov”

while still married to his former wife, Silda Alice Wall Spitzer, Show

Spitzer made Dr Morse a poster boy for Medicaid fraud in his political campaign for NY Governor in 2006. His office’s illegal and unethical attempt to look strong on prosecuting Dr Morse collapsed, when Spitzer’s key deputy John Fusto, of the state’s Medicaid fraud unit, confessed that Dr Morse’s so-called billing records were lies and had been fabricated.

Dr Morse was found not guilty of all charges.

This can happen to anyone of us….It can happen to you.

Every year there are hundreds of cases of prosecutorial misconduct, false arrest, and wrongful convictions that happen in our justice system.

Some Prosecutors, Police Officials and Politicians with personal agendas call press conferences to launch inflammatory – and usually false or grossly exaggerated – claims about the importance of a given case, totally ignoring the facts… in a rush to judgment. Examples are legion.

Although the goal of every justice system is to provide fair and impartial judgements…. more often than not… it doesn’t work out that way. Either because of concealed evidence, people being framed, or corrupt law enforcement

Prosecutors are the most powerful players in the American criminal justice system. Their decisions — like whom to charge with a crime, and what sentence to seek — have profound consequences. So why is it so hard to keep them from breaking the law or violating the Constitution?

The short answer is that they are almost never held accountable for misconduct, even when it results in wrongful convictions.

It’s time for a new approach to ending this behavior: federal oversight of prosecutors’ offices that repeatedly ignore defendants’ legal and constitutional rights.

There is a successful model for this in the Justice Department’s monitoring of police departments with histories of misconduct.

Among the most serious prosecutorial violations is the withholding of evidence that could help a defendant prove his or her innocence or get a reduced sentence — a practice so widespread that one federal judge called it an “epidemic.”

Under the 1963 landmark Supreme Court case Brady v. Maryland, prosecutors are required to turn over any exculpatory evidence to a defendant that could materially affect a verdict or sentence.

Yet in many district attorneys’ offices, the Brady rule is considered nothing more than a suggestion, with prosecutors routinely holding back such evidence to win their cases.

State courts often fail to hold prosecutors accountable, even when their wrongdoing is clear. Professional ethics boards rarely discipline them.

And individual prosecutors are protected from civil lawsuits, while criminal punishment is virtually unheard of. Money damages levied against a prosecutor’s office could deter some misconduct, but the Supreme Court has made it extremely difficult for wrongfully convicted citizens to win such claims.

This maddening situation has long resisted a solution. What would make good sense is to have the federal government step in to monitor some of the worst actors, increasing the chance of catching misconduct before it ruins peoples’ lives. As Eliot Spitzer’s office tried to do to Dr Leonard Morse ……

IN THIS INSIDER EXCLUSIVE NETWORK TV SPECIAL, “JUSTICE IN AMERICA – Dr Leonard Morse’s Story” we visit with Jon Norinsberg and John Meehan @ Norinsberg Law and Dr Leonard Morse.

They successfully represented Dr Leonard Morse, in a civil rights lawsuit filed against former Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, as well as the prosecutor and chief auditor in the N.Y. State Attorney General’s Office and won a $7.7 Million dollar verdict.

In this cautionary tale for Medicaid providers, Dr. Morse describes the political witch hunt that targeted him, the illegal and corrupt methods used by the state’s attorneys to frame him, and his long struggle to finally vindicate himself.

For additional information, you can contact Jon Norinsberg and John Meehan @ https://www.norinsberglaw.com/ and 212-JUSTICE or 212 587 8423