Dangerous Tires – Oscar Mendez’s Story

Today the INSIDER EXCLUSIVE “Goes Behind The Headlines” in DANGEROUS TIRES – Oscar Mendez’s Story ….. to examine how James F. Scherr, Ptr @ Scherr & Legate, successfully won a $10,000,000 Million Dollar verdict ….the first of its kind in Texas….. against Cooper Tire for defective tires.

After an 8 week trial… a Texas jury of everyday citizen found that the Cooper Tire’s manufacturing defect was 100% responsible for multiple passenger deaths in a horrific automobile crash

The Trial court’s evidence proved the Cooper tire separated because of contamination and adhesion failure.

Cooper Tire appealed the case to the 8th Texas Court of Appeals, which reviewed the entire case and evidence AND LOST, affirming the $10 Million dollar jury verdict.

The Court of Appeals found the experts were very qualified and that the evidence supported the verdict. Cooper tire appealed the case to the Texas Supreme Court.

Oscar’s story is a story of Justice ….as well as a Story of Injustice….

Because when the case was appealed to the Texas Supreme Court….. a 100% Republican/Pro-business court…..

It fell victim to a complete reversal…in an extraordinary string of over 90 Supreme Court reversals against ordinary people and in favor of major corporations.

Today, for the first time publically, the Insider Exclusive will examine

1. IF JUSTICE IS REALLY BLIND in the State of Texas?

2. Can an ordinary people really get a justice against Big Business in the State of Texas?

And the real reasons behind this strange odyssey of injustice

You will also see how this “Travesty of Justice” inspired Oscar Mendez Jr….. once a victim of the justice system….. to pick up the Sword of Justice …..And become a trial lawyer himself …joining Jim to fight for the dignity of the common man, woman, and child.

• That’s “Courage under Fire”…..

• That’s Leadership of the highest quality.

• And That’s the “American Trial Lawyers” leadership legacy.

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