Cancer Discrimination – Sandra Knott’s Death Race For Justice

Today the INSIDER EXCLUSIVE “Goes Behind the Headlines examining the California Prison System Administration at New Folsom Prison in “CANCER DISCRIMINATION – Sandra Knott’s “Death Race for Justice” .to examine in depth, how Sandra Knott’s lawyer, Jill Telfer is racing against sudden death time…. to get justice for Sandra,,,,, a 24 year Veteran, Folsom Prison Correctional Officer, suffering from stage 4 cancer.

You will see how the new Folsom Warden Tim Virga, and the Assistant Warden, Laura Eldridge have denied Sandra Knott’s legitimate pleas for “reasonable accommodation” that she now needs in her job, because of the extreme fatigue and nausea she suffers as a result of her chemotherapy treatments.

And joining Jill and Sandra is her oncologist, Dr Mark Christensen, whose dire prognosis for Sandra is very dim at best…perhaps just 6 more months. Jill has battled Cancer twice before…and survived…with the cooperation and the assistance of the previous Folsom Prison Warden and staff who granted her “Reasonable Accommodations” ….to her job while undergoing these chemotherapy treatments.

This time….in this 3rd Battle with cancer, both the current Warden Tim Virga, and the Assistant Warden Laura Eldridge have been inexplicably steadfast in their refusal to allow this dedicated Veteran of the California Prison System, “lighter duty”, or “reasonable accommodations”, despite the availability of open positions, like in the mailroom.

Jill Telfer has tried to work with Warden Vigra….. and his staff…. but her requests have fallen on deaf ears. So that is why Jill has filed suit on behalf of her terminally ill client

No one wanted this lawsuit…. but the law is the law.

The American Disabilities Act provides that: Cancer patients are now protected under the ADA. And that “Your Job Is Legally Protected”. It spells out how Employers must “ACCOMMODATE EMPLOYEES WITH CANCER”

It states very clearly that …’those disabled including those suffering from cancer can receive the same terms, conditions and benefits of employment that non-disabled employees receive. ‘

Because…. ‘The focus is that if assistance can enable an employee to work and be a productive member of the workforce, they should be reasonably accommodated if it does not create a hardship.’

Sandra might not have much longer to live…. so Why is Sandra Bringing this case?

It’s not for herself alone!!!!! She’s fighting not just for her own rights, but for the rights of all other fellow employees undergoing chemotherapy so that they may be “reasonably accommodated” by the Department of Corrections. And so that they don’t have to struggle, while undergoing Chemotherapy treatments, trying to perform their job as Correctional Officers with great physical impairment.

She is requesting that cancer survivors receive the same “reasonable accomodations” in their jobs as pregnant custody staff ….and Staff charged with criminal misconduct. They receive “Reasonable Consideration” in their job duties, when needed, and provided under the law. Currently there is no policy in place in the California Department of Corrections.

The Insider Exclusive is joining her cause, because Sandra is a true American Hero…just trying to do her job…. while she’s fighting for her life. And so is her lawyer, Jill Telfer, who trying to get Justice for Sandra and all Cancer victims of America…

Jill has earned the highest respect from citizens and lawyers alike…. as one of the best Trial lawyers in Sacramento…. In California….. and in the nation.

In 2010 Jill was the recipient of the Morton Friedman Humanitarian Award,

And The Consumer Attorneys of California Women’s Caucus Trial Lawyer of the Year and….

She was a finalist in The Consumer Attorneys of California’s Street Fighter Award for vindicating important public policy resulting in changes to the Department of Justice Division of Law Enforcement’s promotional policy.

Jill is driven to To get Justice for her clients… But more importantly…. To make sure that all cancer victims are guaranteed their full rights under the law.

You can contact Jill Telfer at (916) 446-1916