America’s Healthcare Fraud On Drug Makers

In this powerful TV documentary, Ken Wexler and Jennifer Connolly, partners at the law firm of Wexler Wallace LLP, expose the schemes of major pharmaceutical companies, AstraZeneca, TAP Pharmaceuticals, Bristol-Myers Squibb and GlaxoSmithKline, who unethically and unscrupulously took advantage of the flawed healthcare system to harm consumers, the government, insurers and patients for critically important, often life-sustaining drugs. Joining Ken and Jennifer to discuss these abuses by the pharmaceutical companies are Dan Ryan, a fund administrator for the United Food and Commercial Workers Unions and Employees Midwest Health and Pension Fund (UFCW); Cheryl Barecca, a cancer survivor and UFCW member; Anna Choice, a cancer survivor and UFCW member; and Tracy Garcia, another cancer survivor and UFCW member.

Ken Wexler devotes his practice to helping those whose rights have been denied or who have been victims of the unscrupulous or fraudulent actions of others, most often by more powerful entities. Founder of the firm that bears his name, Ken has been in leadership positions in cases with far-ranging subject matters, including brand name manufacturer suppression of competition from generic drugs, fraudulent and deceptive product overcharges, discrimination and harassment, corporate waste and mismanagement, cost recovery for defective medical devices, false advertising, and government fraud. Ken¡¯s practice is devoted to complex class action and commercial litigation.

Jennifer Connolly is a partner at the Chicago office of Wexler Wallace. She has established herself as the point person for the firm’s antitrust practice and has represented consumers and third-party payors in a variety of class actions, especially in the health care arena. She has been a key component of the firm’s prosecution of the AWP Litigation and served on the team who tried the case against four defendants beginning in the fall of 2006. She is currently actively involved in a case where Wexler Wallace is co-lead counsel against McKesson and First DataBank, which alleges they conspired to increase the prices of over 400 brand drugs. Wexler Wallace recently announced a $350 million settlement in that case.

Wexler Wallace is dedicated to achieving positive change for consumers, employees, shareholders and special groups who have been injured by individuals or organizations through fraud, antitrust violations, unfair competition or other types of unlawful misconduct. The lawyers at Wexler Wallace likewise believe that those who seek to hold the powerful accountable are entitled to lawyers of the same or better quality as the lawyers who represent their adversaries. Wexler Wallace is also different than other law firms because of its passion and because of its willingness to risk what it takes to achieve successful results.

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