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Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly recognized Robert Rainer as one of the most influential lawyers of the past 25 years. But what many people don’t know is that Robert is also a marketing genius whose innovative results oriented ideas have literally changed the way business is done. He and his Rainer Agency have become synonymous with the word “Results,” bringing new and emerging technologies that generate lots of business for his clients. His methods are built on accountability.

Today The Insider Exclusive Introduces to America an amazing new partnership between INDIA’S #1 Search Engine, Justdial, and Rainer Agency. Joining Robert Rainer are Visha Parikh, Vice President at Justdial, and Sandipan Chattopadhyay, Chief Technology Officer at Justdial.

Justdial – India’s No. 1 Local Search Engine

Justdial has a massive presence on phones and the Web, answering over 72 Million calls for anyone looking for a business listing, in any category, and connecting the calls FREE! They are essentially Google and 411 – all rolled together. And there are no automated messages, no robotic voices and no waiting time on hold. In 45 seconds, maximum, you have your connection.

• You don’t need a computer, an Internet connection, or even the keypad on your phone or mobile device.

• 1-800-Justdial is a free information search engine for your phone.

• You JUST Dial 1-800-Justdial. Say where. Say what you’re looking for. And you will be connected with the business you choose.

• Anything, Anywhere, Anytime at the click of a finger: dial 1-800-Justdial.

Justaial and Rainer Agency have begun the rollout of their American campaign by signing up businesses of every nature in every U.S. location (by area code) to exclusive lead generation contracts. Learn how you can benefit in this new technological revolution.

Robert Rainer is the Founder and President of Rainer Agency, as well as a highly distinguished attorney. He is nationally renowned for the legal services and marketing expertise provided to his clients. His team of attorneys have assisted thousands of individuals and families who are seeking maximum compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, additional costs or losses associated with an injury in auto accidents, slip and falls and other mishaps.

Rainer Agency has over twenty years of experience designing and implementing unique, technology-based marketing solutions for a variety of professional businesses. Rainer Agency has embarked on a path of innovation as the Mobile generation moves ahead at an unprecedented pace. What sets Rainer Agency apart from every other marketing agency is their focus on maximizing the quality of their product and service offerings to clients while remaining focused on their bottom line requirements. Rainer Agency develops measurable programs that connect clients with guaranteed results by injecting the agency’s distinct strategies for execution into wireless, wired and web marketing channels. Rainer Agency has built a reputation of being an innovative marketing and advertising firm leveraging both proven and cutting edge solutions that maximize clients’ ability to acquire new business and realize an immediate return on investment.

Justdial is the fastest growing local search and concierge service company in the world. Justdial is the only user-friendly, multi-platform, local search service operating absolutely free to our callers. The company’s domain expertise lies in local search information through toll free human assisted service i.e 1-800-Justdial, online website, WAP and TEXT search. Justdial’s proprietary award winning software allows callers to find what they are looking for instantly, in real time, from a live operator, and the information can be texted to them for free. Justdial prides itseld in being the ultimate local search engine for their call-in customers through its commitment to fast, accurate service, and Justdial is completely dedicated to becoming the most successful local search and concierge service in America.

You can contact Robert Rainer at 800.Mr.Rainer, or You can contact Justdial at