American Disabilities Rights – Veronica Martinez’s Story

Today the INSIDER EXCLUSIVE “Goes Behind the Headlines” to investigate a legal case against the Lincoln Prairie Behavioral Institute in AMERICAN DISABILITIES RIGHTS – Veronica Martinez’s Story”

….And examine in depth, how Richard Steagall, Partner Nicoara & Steagall, is representing Veronica Martinez in a classic violation of the American Disabilities Act…. also known as the ADA.

The American Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in employment, State and local government, public accommodations, commercial facilities, transportation, and telecommunications….and was signed into law in 1990 by President George H.W. Bush To be protected by the ADA, one must have a disability or have a relationship or association with an individual with a disability.

An individual with a disability is defined by the ADA as a person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities….including a person who has a history or record of such an impairment, or a person who is perceived by others as having such an impairment.

Veronica Martinez worked as an experienced Clinical Nurse Manager supervising four RNs, three LPNs, and five technicians, at the Lincoln Prairie Behaviorial Institute, a hospital for pediatric psychiatric patients in Springfield, Illinois.

Veronica suffered a serious medical condition which required medical treatment, time off, and reduced work load, all of which were reported to her supervisor.

As her condition worsened, Veronica also requested a job to a less stressful and available position at Lincoln Prairie….not once…. but twice under the ADA guidelines.

Both times, her supervisor refused to transfer her…and eventually fired her for ……. ‘insubordination’.
No one wanted this lawsuit…. but the law is the law.

The American Disabilities Act provides that: employees are all protected under the ADA

• And that “Your Job Is Legally Protected”
• It Spells out how Employers must Accommodate all Employees with any disability
• It states very clearly that …
• ‘The focus is that if assistance can enable an employee to work and be productive member of the workforce, they should be reasonably accommodated if it does not create a hardship’.

Veronica has a potentially life-threatening disability….so Why is Veronica Bringing this case?

It’s not for herself alone!!!!!

She’s fighting not just for her own rights, but for All Disabled Americans…. so that they may be “reasonably accommodated” by their own respective employers

The Insider Exclusive is joining her cause, because Veronica is a true American Hero…just trying to do her job…. while she’s fighting to deal with life on life’s terms.

And so is her lawyer, Richard Steagall, who’s trying to get Justice for Veronica and any victims of Disability discrimination …

Richard has earned the highest respect from citizens and lawyers alike…. as one of the best Trial lawyers in Peoria …. In Illinois….. and across the nation.

Richard is driven to to get Justice for his clients…

But more importantly…. To make sure that all employees are guaranteed their full rights under the law.

You can contact Rick Steagall @ or 309 674 6085